You don't get to stop me

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

You don't get to blame me for not healing from my past wounds and not opening my heart to you.

You don't get to blame me for being skeptical of every man that has told me the same sweet lies.

You don't get to compare yourself with any of my past toxic partners much less say you are not like them, cuz you've never met them, you don't know why I fell in love with them in the first place, nor can you be arrogant thinking you are my best option.

You don't get to beg me for my attention to then ignore me once you have it.

You don't get to make me a challenge, my feelings being your goal cuz I'm not a game.

You don't get to now complaint about the mess I am, just cuz you are now realizing the reality of my wounds. You begged to deal with it in the first place even after you were warned to not stay and give me space--to leave me alone.

You don't get to fall in love with the fantasy of me and feel hurt for not reaching your expectations.

You don't get to play the victim in here.

Cuz, boy, as soon as there is a red flag, you are out. I am not going through the same shit I went before. I am not gonna die for you or without you, nor for other dude nor for anyone. You are not worth losing me.

So thanks for participating, but no.

#poem #poetry #love #toxic

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